Privacy Policy

All references to ‘TradingJunkies.Club,’ ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ in this policy are references to TradingJunkies.Club.

TradingJunkies.Club is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information in accordance with the laws in England and Wales. 

We collect the following information when you use

Information on your usage of our website – including the pages you visit, your IP address and your browser.

This information helps us to improve our website and services, accumulate company data for internal purposes and respond to feedback.

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Personal Information

Personal Information is requested upon your registration to the TradingJunkies.Club membership. If you do not share the required information, we may be unable to provide our services to you. We aim to inform you of the purpose of all information that is required.

We collect the following information:

Full Name – Used for personalization of content and subscription payments

Email – Used to provide additional information to you, including updates and events. You have the option of unsubscribing from our email list.

Risk of Sharing Information Online

We take measures to ensure the security of information provided to us and information obtained when using our site.

If any information you provide us needs updating or correcting, we require you to inform us immediately (full name, email address).

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We aim to keep TradingJunkies.Club as up to date as possible and do not share guarantees of  the accuracy of the information provided.

We do not undertake any liability for loss or damage incurred to those who use our website, whether it is as a result of direct, indirect or consequential connection to our website or any of the information provided on our site. This includes, but is not limited to:

Loss of income/ revenue



Wasted management

Revisions to The Terms

At any time, we may revise any of our terms without notice. We advise you to check the terms regularly as continued use of the TradingJunkies.Club website after changes to the terms have been made is your acceptance of change.

Risk Disclaimer

​The content provided by TradingJunkies.Club is for educational purposes only and should not be considered ‘advice.’ We make no representations to the accuracy or validity to any of the information provided, and take no liability to actions taken from its display or use.

TradingJunkies.Club does not offer any financial advice from any of the information provided. The information provided is for educational purposes only, to guide you on the TradingJunkies.Club trading strategies, and any person taking action on these, does so understanding this.

The information provided to you is done so from a non-professional environment and is for educational and informative purposes only. TradingJunkies.Club holds no responsibility for any financial gains or losses incurred as a result of this information. You should not interpret any of the information as advice.

Disclaimer: Trading with financial means carries a high level of risk. Past performance is not an indicator for future results. Before choosing to invest in financial trading, you should consider your investments, experience, aims and the risk involved. You should not invest money that you cannot afford and seek assistance from a financial advisor if you have queries and doubts