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Welcome back to TradingJunkies.Club. Congratulations on taking your first steps to bettering yourself and becoming a consistently profitable trader.

Firstly, we recommend joining our exclusive Discord server (which you can do by clicking on this post!). We see this as the Hub of TradingJunkies.Club, where you'll find our team of world-class coaches, providing you with educational content, up-to-date news and 24/7 member support. You will receive a DM from one of them upon joining, helping navigate you on your way to becoming a successful trader, regardless of experience. Exclusive members' discounts and giveaways are also posted in this server. Here you'll also find a community of friendly and likeminded individuals, sharing knowledge and supporting one another as they take their own journeys within the market. We know that trading can be a lonely career, which means having that support network of other traders is vital to succeeding long term.

If you have zero experience in trading Forex, we strongly suggest you head to the 'Beginner's Guide' course, at the top of the page. Here you will be taught the very basics of Forex trading and the terminology used. A small quiz is offered below every video also, allowing you to test yourself on the knowledge you just received. On the other hand, if you already have some previous experience, we recommend diving straight into the 'TradingJunkies.Club Strategy' course, also found at the top of this page. Quizzes are also provided here, making sure you full understand the steps needed to place your first trade.

If you ever have any questions, please message one of the coaches via our discord server. Alternatively, send an email directly to info@tradingjunkies.club and our team will get back to you at their earliest convenience.

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Join a community of traders from all backgrounds and skill levels, all with one goal; to change their lives for the better.

Find exclusive content, up-to-date news, community chats, 24/7 member support and monthly giveaways, all in our Discord server.

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Educational Content

Whether you’re completely new to the world of Forex, or are a seasoned veteran of the markets looking to refresh their knowledge, our library of educational content has you covered.

Use the ‘Beginner’s Guide’ to teach you the fundamentals and then work your way onto the ‘TradingJunkies.Club Strategy’ to start applying that knowledge to the charts and work your way towards placing your first trade!

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Be sure to keep an eye on our Discord for discounts and giveaways, exclusive only to TradingJunkies.Club members.

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